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Dayton Law School

Austin was unsuccessful with another course provider before enrolling in AmeriBar.

“[T]he materials are put together in a superior way. They read much more smoothly. I think they’re put together in a more sequential and chronological way. They are far easier to comprehend, and learning it in a linear sequential way, the way AmeriBar has them set out, really helped me pass.”

95% Recommendation Rate

Don't believe fake self-serving "pass rates" (we've even seen them for jurisdictions where results aren't made public!). Over 95% of AmeriBar's course students who responded to our survey would recommend us to a friend.

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Answer 4000+ released and simulated MBE questions1000+ learning questions, 200+ essay questions, and every released MPT question.

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You'll be guided every step of the way with over 80 hours of strategy and substantive lectures.


Regent Law School

Jennifer was unsuccessful twice with Barbri before enrolling in AmeriBar

“I felt so prepared and well-versed in every area of the law for the exam. I never felt that way with Barbri the first couple of times I took it. I can’t say enough about how well-prepared I felt and how relieved I was after failing twice to come back and just nail it after six years of absence from the law.”

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Every outline, lecture, and other resource is specially crafted to teach you what you need to know to pass the bar exam-nothing more, nothing less. We teach to the test and you benefit!

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John Marshall Law School

“I would recommend AmeriBar for their stellar program, the cost – you can’t overlook that – and all the help they provide. Do your due diligence and I am sure you’ll come to the same conclusion. You really can’t argue with success.”

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