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UBE bar review course options provide everything you need to pass the UBE bar exam starting at

Bar Review Course Student Jennifer

AmeriBar Bar Review Course

Student Spotlight

“I felt so prepared and so well-versed in every area of the law for the exam. I never felt that way with Barbri the first couple of times I took it. I can’t say enough about how well-prepared I felt and how relieved I was after failing twice to come back and just nail it after six years of absence from the law.”

Jennifer P.

Regent Law School



All Testable subjects

Our UBE Bar Review course includes outlines for all subjects tested on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). Our outlines are keyed to the scope of testing set forth by the NCBE for the MBE & MEE. The outlines focus on bar exam testability and are based on our 17+ years of experience. The UBE bar review course outlines are easy to read and contain an intuitive starring system, which highlights important exam topics for efficient study. You will be more efficient with your study time. You will outline less and learn more. Free up time to practice writing essays and answering MBE questions.


Over 80 hours of Strategy and Substantive Law


Learn strategies and techniques that will improve your score. 

  • Study Strategies
  • Essay Writing Skills
  • IRAC in Action
  • Outlining Skills
  • Calendar Creation

Learn how to use effective legal writing strategies to your advantage. The lectures help students utilize legal writing techniques to maximize points when drafting essay answers. It also contains strategies on how to prepare for and write a bar exam essay answer. The workshop has been prepared with the retaker in mind, but is incredibly useful for all examinees. 

Substantive Law

The UBE Bar Review course includes online access to over 80 hours of lectures covering all testable subjects. The lectures are focused on what you need to know to pass the exam. Access them on any connected device.

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MBE Question Bank


Practice Questions For Every Test Component



Every MEE essay question and analysis since 1997.


Every MPT question and point sheet/analysis since 1997.

Learning Questions

The UBE bar review course includes 1000+ learning question. These questions reinforce reinforce key concepts.

Every UBE Bar Review Course Includes

Attorney Support

If you have questions related to your bar exam preparation, an attorney mentor is just a telephone call or email away. Call 800-529-2651 to experience exceptional AmeriBar customer service.

Risk-Free Inspection

Our amazing UBE bar review course comes with a 4-day risk-free inspection period. If you return the books within 4 days of receipt for any reason, you will get your money back (minus 12.5% fee).

Pass Guarantee

If you don't pass the UBE bar exam, you will get a free retake of the online course. Provide us with a copy of the results within 10 days of notification from the UBE examiners, and you will have continued access.

Study Calendars

AmeriBar's template bar review course study calendars for the UBE bar exam provide a framework for your day-to-day study process. Calendars are available for different study timeframes.

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University of Houston

“I think the best thing about the AmeriBar course was that it did not waste my time. I had a limited amount of study time every day and a limited number of days until I took the test. The AmeriBar course was concise and contained all the information I needed but not more information than I needed – no long extra explanations of superfluous material. “


Dayton Law School

Austin was unsuccessful with Barbri before enrolling in our course.

“[T]he materials are put together in a superior way. They read much more smoothly. I think they’re put together in a more sequential and chronological way. They are far easier to comprehend, and learning it in a linear sequential way, the way AmeriBar has them set out, really helped me pass.”



as Low as $79 Per Month
$ 895
  • Physical Course Books
  • Digital Course Books
  • 80+ Hours Online Lectures
  • 3000+ Simulated MBE Questions
  • Essay Question Bank
  • MPT Question Bank (if applicable)
  • 1500+ Learning Questions
  • Attorney Telephone Support
  • Study Calendar Templates
  • Pass-Update Guarantee
  • Free iPod (just pay extra $99 deposit)
  • Add 1400 Real MBE Questions for $100
  • Add Essay Critique Program for $300


As low as $132 Per Month
$ 1495
  • Physical Course Books
  • Digital Course Books
  • 1400+ Real MBE Questions
  • 3000+ Simulated MBE Questions
  • 80+ Hours Online Lectures
  • 1500+ Learning Questions
  • Access on iPhone or Android App
  • Essay Question Bank
  • MPT Question Bank
  • Essay Critique Program
  • Attorney Telephone Support
  • Study Calendar Templates
  • Pass-Update Guarantee
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As Low as $157 Per Month
$ 2595
  • 10 Tutoring Sessions
  • Physical Course Books
  • Digital Course Books
  • 1400+ Real MBE Questions
  • 3000+ Simulated MBE Questions
  • 80+ Hours Online Lectures
  • 1500+ Learning Questions
  • Access on iPhone or Android App
  • Essay Question Bank
  • MPT Question Bank
  • Essay Critique Program
  • Attorney Telephone Support
  • Study Calendar Templates
  • Pass-Update Guarantee
At-Risk Taker

Bar Review Course Students

It was definitely worth every penny. I felt like i got my money's worth and I could not have passed without it. . . . I loved it from start to finish.
Ashley G
Not only did I pass ... but with a score on the UBE of 299.9 That is up over 43 points from my previous bar score which was 3 points short of a pass. The head of the bar sent me a personal congratulations.
Cynthia H
AmeriBar's lectures were straight to the point and provided clear, easy to follow information that made even the most complex areas of study easy to understand.
April T
Jones School of Law

Optional UBE Bar Review Course Books

MEE Questions

The MEE Questions and Analyses books contain hundreds of prior essay questions and examiner analyses.

MEE Outlines

Agency and Partnership
Corporations and LLCs
Conflict of Laws
Family Law
Secured Transactions
Wills and Estates

MBE Questions

These optional books are worth their weight in gold. They include 1400+ released MBE questions. The questions have appeared on the MBE. They reflect the type of question you will face as well as the issues you are likely to encounter.

MBE Outlines

Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
Contracts and Sales
Crim Law and Pro
See Sample

MPT Questions

The MPT book contains several released MPT questions with grader point sheets.
I was able pass the bar on my first attempt, and Ameribar was a major reason why. Ameribar was my only structured bar prep.
Justin G
Thomas Cooley Law School
AmeriBar was the sole reason I passed the examination
Scott Testimonial
Scott Hawk
Birminhgham School of Law

Optional Extras

Essay Critiques

Write UBE Bar Exam essay answers that get points! Submit 11 answers to prior UBE bar exam essay questions during the 6-week period before the exam. We will provide a detailed individual expert review that will tell you exactly how to improve your score.

iPod Rental

For a fee, rent an Apple iPod Nano/Touch loaded with all UBE bar review course lectures. You can take audio versions of the lectures with you anywhere you go - the gym, the beach, the car. You'll be able to listen even if you don't have an internet connection.


For an added fee, an AmeriBar UBE Bar Exam tutor will work with you on any portion of the bar exam: MBE, Essay, and/or MPT.

Personal Bar Review

The Personal Bar Review course option combines the course, tutoring, and an iPod rental. It is ideal for repeat and other at-risk takers including foreign-trained attorneys, examinees who graduated from law school many years ago, and others.

AmeriBar Students

1 + Years
1 + Video Reviews
1 s AmeriBar Lawyers
Hard-Copy Books
Hours of Lectures
MBE Questions
Practice Essays



Study anywhere you can take your connected mobile device. Watch lectures, answer learning and MBE questions, and much more on the go.

  • 80+ Hours Audio Lectures
  • Digital Outlines
  • 1000+ Learning Questions
  • 3000+ MBE Practice Questions
  • Study on the Go


With AmeriBar, you have the option of receiving 7 real UBE Bar Review books.

  • MBE Outlines
  • MEE Outines
  • MEE Essays Questions and Analyses
  • MBE Released Questions and Answers
  • MPT Questions


With AmeriBar, you are never just a number. You become a part of a family. We are committed to helping you pass the UBE bar exam.

  • Essay Critique Program
  • Attorney Support
  • Sample Study Calendars
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Risk-Free Inspection Period

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