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This page is about you and tens of thousands of other legal professionals who have placed their trust in us for over two decades.

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We're pretty sure you've never seen one of our competitors' students this emotional speaking about them.

The Beginning

Alexander Nakis, AmeriBar’s Founder and Executive Director, graduated from Notre Dame Law School and embarked on a career as a commercial litigator at New York law firm, Dewey Ballantine LLP. During his years of legal practice with the firm, friends often asked him for help passing the bar exam. A sincere desire to help friends pass the bar repeatedly interrupted a successful legal career.

The Problem

The pattern Alex discovered is now all too familiar.  Big box corporate bar review companies scared law students into believing that only they had the key to passing the bar exam – for a steep price.  They herded students into lecture halls and fed them videos with little, if any, opportunity to ask questions, let alone get answers.  Those who failed had only themselves to blame . . . or did they?

  • Why was so little time and attention paid to teaching effective study strategies?
  • Why weren’t students taught test-taking techniques specific to each part of the bar exam?
  • Why were bar review courses so impersonal, inflexible, and inattentive to students?

The Solution

AmeriBar developed self-directed bar review courses and a customized, personal tutoring program, to address these questions and remedy the deficiencies found in big box corporate bar review courses.  Based upon six well-established adult learning principles, our products and services recognize that you, our partner, are internally motivated and self-directed.  You bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences.  You are goal oriented, relevancy oriented and practical.  As a learner, you should be respected.
The Solution
AmeriBar Difference

AmeriBar is Better

  • We focus on testability so you can focus on what is likely to be tested on the bar exam.
  • We emphasize and teach practical study strategies and effective test-taking techniques so you can quickly see positive results.
  • We’re here for you with live attorney support, 55 hours every week, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 8PM, Eastern Time, plus 24/7 email support.

Don’t settle for a bar review experience that gives you an automated phone tree or foreign call center.  Call and speak with AmeriBar’s executives and you’ll see why so many successful AmeriBar students write and record testimonials supporting our courses and tutoring.

Meet our Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to helping you pass the bar exam

Alexander Nakis

Executive Director

Regional Director

Adriana Rodriguez

Regional Director

Casey King

Regional Associate

Meet Our Students

Here’s what you (our students) have told us.

  • You should expect personal service from flexible partners committed to your success.

“ I just wanted to let you know that I PASSED THE ILLINOIS BAR EXAM!   Yay! I wanted to say “thank you” so much for your wonderful bar course and great people like you who have always been supportive and nice. This is more than just a bar review course – it’s a phenomenal support system, too! AmeriBar has changed my life for the better!”

  • We’re here because you want to pass the bar exam and we want to help you do so.

“In Michigan, a passing score is 135 out of 200, and I got a score of 168 (173/200 on the MBE and 164/200 on the Michigan essays). I’m really glad to have passed, and am grateful to everyone at Ameribar for your assistance.”

  • We’re licensed attorneys who are bar exam experts and to us you are real person, a future colleague, and not just a number in a big box bar review company.

“I am just grateful that I finally found a service that was focused on my success and not just turning out a product that is produced for the masses. . . . I learned much more of the law using AmeriBar then I ever did with barbri….”

  • You deserve flexibility in your bar review course and prompt service with 24/7 access to professional tools that will help you pass the bar.

“I chose AmeriBar because it is a thorough bar review course that allowed me the flexibility to study around my own schedule… .  It’s probably the best option for studying for the bar.  High quality materials, pointed questions and flexibility. All of my interactions with the staff were positive. I always received a quick reply.”

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