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Student Reviews


Valparaiso Law

Ethan was unsuccessful on twelve attempts before enrolling in AmeriBar’s tutoring program. 


University of Southern California LLM

Ilona was unsuccessful on five attempts before finding AmeriBar. She has now passed three state bar exams! 

Update. Ilona has now passed four bar exams with AmeriBar!


Cardozo School of Law LLM

Marius increased his score by 60 points. Amazing!

July 2023 Students


Mercer Law School

After two failed attempts with big box, Victoria improved 27 points and passed the bar exam!


Miami Law School

Alberto immigrated from Cuba in 2016. He then learned English, joined the Navy, and graduated from law school. After failing the bar exam with a big box course, he found AmeriBar and blew away the passing score!


Univ of Maryland Law School

Nihir increased his UBE score by 37 points after AmeriBar tutoring!


Washington and Lee Law School

After graduation, Steve failed the bar and left the law. Decades later, he found AmeriBar and – mission accomplished!

February 2023 Students




Linda was unsuccessful multiple times. After AmeriBar tutoring, she increased her UBE score by 57 points and passed! 


University of Illinois - Chicago


Daniel was unsuccessful on three attempts with a big box course. He found AmeriBar and finally passed!


Cardozo School of Law LLM


Salvia, a foreign LLM graduate, fell short of passing twice with a big box course. After enrolling in AmeriBar, she increased her score 38 points and passed the bar exam! 


Thurgood Marshall School of Law


After enrolling in AmeriBar, Ashney increased her UBE score over 20 points to 286! 


Penn State


Phoebe credits AmeriBar as the reason she passed the bar exam. 

More Students


Thomas Cooley

“Take AmeriBar – just do it!… I am speechless as to what [AmeriBar] did.” 


Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Terran says she would not have passed without AmeriBar. 


Cumberland School of Law


After enrolling in AmeriBar, Meaghan went from 14 points below passing, to 14 points above passing! 


Cooley Law School

After several unsuccessful attempts with other courses, Yanique passed with AmeriBar. 


Tulane Law School

After two unsuccessful attempts with a big box course, Ben enrolled in AmeriBar and passed the exam. 


Online Non-ABA Law School

For Gokalp, the AmeriBar team is what made the difference. 


Suffolk Law School

Doreen passed on her fourth attempt while increasing her score over 30 points from 118. 


Birmingham School of Law

Jason increased his score by 34 points and passed the bar exam 5 years after law school! 


Saint Thomas - Minnesota

After being unsuccessful with a mass market course, Jack enrolled in AmeriBar and increased his score by 26 points.


William and Mary

“Hats off to AmeriBar. You guys have created an excellent program.”


Indiana University Mckinney

“I passed with a score high enough to transfer to any UBE state. I couldn’t have done that without AmeriBar.”


Notre Dame

“There is no way I would have passed this test without … the great people at AmeriBar.”


UC Berkeley

“I did really well on the MBE… The ability for me to get that score on the MBE was due to this program.”


Dayton School of Law

“I am a practicing attorney now because of AmeriBar”


Texas Tech Law School

Janee was unsuccessful on several attempts before discovering AmeriBar


University of Miami

Chanel increased her score from 123 to 139!


Rutgers Law School

Mallory passed five years after being unsuccessful with another course provider


University of Miami

Sarah increased her MBE score by 25 points after enrolling in AmeriBar


Fordham Law School

“I increased my score upwards of 30 points so the least I could do was give a testimonial.”


St. Thomas Law School

Otto raised his score on the MBE from 133 to 150 after enrolling in AmeriBar and completing 1600 FEWER practice MBE questions. You really can study smarter, do less, and pass the bar exam!



Thomas Cooley Law School

Heidi was unsuccessful twice with a mass market course before enrolling in AmeriBar bar exam tutoring.

Heidi describes how AmeriBar was instrumental in raising her score from 121 to 144.


Tulsa Law School

Keri describes how AmeriBar was instrumental to her success on the bar exam.


Regent Law School

Jennifer was unsuccessful twice with a mass market course before enrolling in an AmeriBar course.

“I felt so prepared and so well-versed in every area of the law for the exam. I never felt that way with [competitor] the first couple of times I took it. I can’t say enough about how well-prepared I felt and how relieved I was after failing twice to come back and just nail it after six years of absence from the law.”


Dayton Law School

Austin was unsuccessful with a mass market course before enrolling in an AmeriBar course

“[T]he materials are put together in a superior way. They read much more smoothly. I think they’re put together in a more sequential and chronological way. They are far easier to comprehend, and learning it in a linear sequential way, the way AmeriBar has them set out, really helped me pass.”


NCCU Law School

Iyanna emotionally describes how AmeriBar helped her pass the bar exam after several prior unsuccessful attempts using a different review course (where she worked as a campus representative).

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Stetson Law School

Allison was unsuccessful twice with Kaplan before enrolling in tutoring.

“I think having a personal tutor help to prepare me for the bar exam is the only reason I finally passed the bar. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to AmeriBar and their program.”


FSU Law School

Robert was unsuccessful twice before enrolling in the Personal Bar Review course..

“I really appreciate everything AmeriBar has done for me. It was probably the best decision I’ve made in the past five to six years of my life… Without AmeriBar it would have been another disappointment. My scores went up 10-15 points in each section.”


NCCU Law School

“The first time I took the bar exam, I took the [competitor] program, which was a big, huge program where you don’t get a lot of individualized attention. However, the second time I took a bar preparation course, I took it through AmeriBar. AmeriBar really provided the one-on-one help that I needed to pass the bar.”

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Boston College

Brian was unsuccessful three times before enrolling in tutoring.

“After three unsuccessful attempts at the bar exam, I felt as though as though I had nowhere to turn…. AmeriBar is a large contributor to my success in passing and achieving the dream of becoming a lawyer”


John Marshall

“I would recommend AmeriBar for their stellar program, the cost – you can’t overlook that – and all the help they provide. Do your due diligence and I am sure you’ll come to the same conclusion. You really can’t argue with success.”


Michigan State

Richard enrolled in tutoring for his fourth attempt and passed!

“This was the fourth time taking the bar …and this time I passed. I used a competitor’s program for the prior three times, and I didn’t pass. I have to say that I think AmeriBar’s tutoring is what really pushed me over the top.”


Thurgood Marshall

“I was deployed to a combat zone. So there were times I was attempting to do questions or essays – basically studying – and the alarm would sound off because the enemy had launched rocket-propelled grenades or mortars or vehicle born improvised explosive devices were occurring in the vicinity of our forward operating base. “

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Thomas Jefferson

“Once you go with AmeriBar they will help you emotionally and academically. They will get you 100% ready for the bar exam… I’m grateful for AmeriBar – because they helped me accomplish my dream. And without them, I wouldn’t be an attorney today.”



“I would recommend AmeriBar to anyone and everyone. It was just a really great program. The best thing about AmeriBar was the people. They were just wonderful. You feel like you have this team behind you rooting for you. “


University of South Carolina

“I didn’t just learn how to pass the test, I learned the law that was tested and I feel like I’m a better attorney because of it. I actually studied in a building; in a law school … with a bunch of folks who were taking [competing mass market] courses and what I heard from them seemed to reinforce my thought that using AmeriBar was a good decision. “



“What impressed me most about AmeriBar was their individualized approach to helping people pass the bar exam.”

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Birmingham School of Law

“AmeriBar was the sole reason I passed the examination. “


University of Lagos (Nigeria)

“They offered seven hours of personal tutoring and I thought, ‘wow this is a program that is quite different.’ So I signed up and paid the money. Guess what? That was what helped me pass the bar. “


University of Louisville

“I can’t tell you how much it helped me in my particular situation…. It was awesome…. So I’m sitting here today practicing law, and I appreciate everything that they have done. “


Laverne Law School

“AmeriBar proved helpful for someone 2,500 miles away from the examination location. Thanks AmeriBar.”

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Texas Wesleyan University

“Having a personal tutor is great because they give you one-on-one work, which you really can’t find anywhere else with any other bar prep program.”


American University

“[I] wanted you to know that I found out that I passed… Thanks again for your excellent programs”


California Western

“I would strongly suggest to anyone who has been out of law school for a while, or has a job, or kids so your attention is really divided and can’t be wholly devoted to bar prep, to use the AmeriBar program, and definitely consider the tutoring part and paying that money up front and calling it the cost of passing the exam. “


New England School of Law

“Studying with the AmeriBar materials made all the difference in the world to me.”


West Virginia University

“I found the AmeriBar tutoring program provided me the tools that I needed to pass the bar exam. “

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University of Houston

“I think the best thing about the AmeriBar course was that it did not waste my time. I had a limited amount of study time every day and a limited number of days until I took the test. The AmeriBar course was concise and contained all the information I needed but not more information than I needed – no long extra explanations of superfluous material. “


Faulkner University

“You really can personalize the AmeriBar program for yourself. And you can’t beat the prices. I would recommend AmeriBar to anybody who is taking the bar exam in any state. “


University of Georgia

“AmeriBar for us really was an answer to our prayers… Thanks to AmeriBar not only did I pass the bar exam on my first attempt, I scored way higher than the state and national averages, and my wife and I saved a couple thousand dollars in the process…. AmeriBar rocks. Thank you AmeriBar, from a very satisfied customer.”


Texas Tech

Lucy describes how AmeriBar’s strategy guidance resulted in her passing the bar exam.


Notre Dame

Colorado Bar Review Course Review

We were delighted to receive this note from Mike after the bar exam. He informed us that he took the advice in our course to heart. As a result, he scored in the top percentile in his state!

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