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AmeriBar is a legal education organization. We provide study materials for law school and the bar exam. We offer complete bar review courses and bar exam tutoring for over 40 jurisdictions. AmeriBar was founded in 1999. However, AmeriBar’s professor and attorney tutors have been teaching and practicing law much longer.

You Will Pay A Reasonable Tuition

AmeriBar offers bar review courses for over 40 jurisdictions. A complete AmeriBar bar review course starts for well under $2000 depending upon the jurisdiction. You will pay a fraction of the price of our competitor’s bar review course. Additionally, with AmeriBar, you will receive a superior bar review course. We do not rent classrooms, and we do not have an army of sales representatives. We do not provide you with “free” tchotchke that will end up costing you thousands of dollars. We pass the savings on to our students. Prices generally rise as the bar exam approaches, so the earlier you enroll, the more you’ll save on your bar review course.

Better Study Materials

You will receive outlines and lectures that are focused on what you need to know to pass the bar exam. We study recent bar exams and are able to identify exam trends and repeatedly tested topics. We employ a proprietary star system that highlight important legal concepts for exam purposes. As a result, your study process will become more efficient and effective.

Study on Your Terms

You don’t have to brave through traffic to come to a crowded classroom to watch a video of a law school professor who probably hasn’t taken any bar exam in years. Study on your terms – at any time, in any location. Take a lesson from our past students. Study on the beach in the Florida Keys, on a mountain in South America, or at a cafe in Paris. You know where you will be most productive – and it’s not in a crowded lecture hall full of anxious examinees

Competitors’ Students Come to Us to Pass

AmeriBar has tutored repeat bar examinees for almost 20 years. In fact, most of our tutoring students found us after having failed the bar exam after taking another company’s bar review course. We understand the mistakes that students make and we know what they must change in order to pass the bar exam. You can learn those skills the next time you take the bar exam.

Our attorney authors and tutors are located throughout the country. Our main office is located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Our contact information is as follows:

1242 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312
Tel: (800) 529-2651
Fax: (800) 529-2652
Email: support@ameribar.com


Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items on our website catalog may be mispriced. If an item’s correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before shipping or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

Applicable Law

By visiting our website(s), you agree that the laws of the state of Florida, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and AmeriBar.


Any dispute relating in any way to your visit to our website(s) or to products or services sold or distributed by AmeriBar shall be adjudicated in any state or federal court in Leon County, Florida, and you consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in such courts.

We discontinued publishing pass rates after the July 2013 bar exam. Please be very cautious and suspicious of any program that provides complete pass rates. There is no uniform way recognized by anyone to calculate a bar review program’s pass rate. Many factors can skew a declared pass rate high or low; a course provider can use statistics to say anything. It’s simply impossible to calculate a meaningful pass rate and compare it to another organization’s figure. Many bar review companies that declare a pass rate have it filled with caveats and qualifications that you’ll clearly see the figures are culled for self-serving purposes. Additionally, many states do not provide the names of people who pass or fail the exams. Therefore, obtaining complete pass rates is virtually impossible. We seek to be transparent with our students and believe that our products and services speak for themselves. Our student recommendation rates and student testimonials unequivocally demonstrate that AmeriBar works.

AmeriBar solicits feedback from students after the bar exam.


Over 95% of students who responded to our request indicated that they would recommend our course to a friend.


Over 98% of tutoring students who responded to our request indicated that they would recommend our tutoring program to a friend.

Immediately. You can usually start studying online just a few hours after enrolling. You will receive online access to the student website within one business day. Books are usually received within 7-10 days. Our program is available online at any time. Therefore, there are no scheduled classes to attend. Students begin and progress through the program at their own pace.

Yes. See paragraphs below.

Bar Review Courses

We know how important it is to be comfortable with your bar review materials. Therefore, we provide students with a no-questions-asked inspection period for our hard-copy publications only. You may inspect our hard-copy publication for 4 days from the date you receive them. If you do not wish to keep our hard-copy publications for any reason, you may return them for a full refund, less shipping costs and a 12.5% restocking fee. You are responsible for return shipping fees. Any returned materials must be in unused and unmarked condition only. You may also inspect our on-line materials for four days from the date you are granted access. However, we reserve the right to deny any refund request based upon evidence that our material was copied. iPods acquired through the iPod rental program cannot be returned for a refund under this return policy. iPods may only be returned for a deposit refund.

Tutoring Program

We are so confident that you will value our tutoring program that we offer a guaranteed pro-rated refund. If you do not appreciate the tutoring program for any reason after completing the first three consecutive tutoring sessions, then at any time within 24 hours of completing your third tutoring session, notify AmeriBar and return the books and you may cancel your remaining sessions and receive a pro-rated refund for your unused sessions less shipping fees you incur returning the books and a 12.5% administrative/handling fee. We know of no other program that offers this type of guarantee.

All of AmeriBar’s courses come with a pass-update guarantee. All students are eligible. If you sit for the bar exam, and do not pass the exam, you will receive one free retake of the online course. You must inform AmeriBar that you did not pass the exam within 30 days of being notified of the results. Within the same time limit, you must also provide AmeriBar with a copy or fax of the notification letter from the Board of Law Examiners.

We know that life can get in the way of taking the bar exam. That’s why AmeriBar started the “Class ‘Til You Pass” program. As long as you are taking the same bar exam, you will have access to our complete course materials for up to three years. 

Email support@ameribar.com to request continued access.  Please send a copy of your notice of deferment or enrollment from the Board of Bar Examiners. 

Your AmeriBar student account is personal and non-transferable. 

If we offer a complete bar review course for a jurisdiction, then the course will be state-specific unless the bar examiners have indicated that essay questions are to be answered according to general legal principles, not the law of the jurisdiction. In some states, the examiners have indicated that questions testing certain enumerated subjects should be answered according to state law, while others should be answered according to general legal principles. In these states, we follow the direction of the examiners and provide state-specific law for the subjects for which such knowledge is required.

If the items are in stock (99% of items are in-stock), they are processed within 2-3 business days after you enroll. Shipment transit time will depend upon the method of shipment you select. For shipments within the United States, we estimate that your order should be delivered within 10 business days of enrollment. For shipments outside of the United States, we estimate that your order should be delivered within 20 business days of enrollment. AmeriBar is not responsible for shipping delays including delays with customs. All disputes concerning shipping must be addressed to the carrier.

You can listen to any lecture at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rewind, pause, or fast-forward lectures. You can even listen to a lecture multiple times.

Our course differs from other review courses in many respects. Our outlines and lectures are focused on testability. Therefore, you will spend your study time more efficiently. Additionally, if you enroll in the essay or full course, you will receive lectures covering essay writing and study strategy. They are based on our highly acclaimed tutoring program. You will also receive access to audio reviews of essay and writing drills. Additionally, we are the least expensive full service bar review course that we are aware of. Here are some of the ways past students said that AmeriBar is different from other review courses:

“The lectures were concise and focused on the important points, which allowed me to learn the new areas of law with the least effort, and efficiently refresh my memory on the other areas.”

“This is a good course for students who have the ability to study independently.”

“I was glad to find this review to help me prepare for the exam and refresh my memory . . . at a price that did not break the bank.”

“I’m glad to have taken your program. I feel the course adequately prepared me to take and pass the [bar exam]. It goes to show that you don’t need to spend over $2,000
for a bar review course if you have the ability to focus and follow through on independent study.”

“I love your course. I’ve recommended it to several other students, and I will continue to recommend it.”

“[The course is] more condensed and focused on the basics of the black letter law, and on helping students develop a test writing strategy.”

“I really liked it when the instructor did more than teach the subject as it would be taught in law school. I liked when they gave tips about the way questions on previous tests were handled and advice for choosing the right answer if the question was confusing.”

It depends. In every state, the bar exam consists of several different components including the MBE, an essay exam, and in some states, the performance test. You can sign up for a complete course, which covers all of the portions of the bar exam, or a partial course, which covers one or more portions of the exam.

Yes you can. If you have any questions regarding the course or the law, please contact our office for assistance by email (support@ameribar.com) or by phone at (800) 529-2651.

Yes. The online audio lectures are compatible with Mac and Apple devices.

Yes, up to $250 when you purchase a complete course or $100 for any partial course. If you provide us with proof of payment made to another bar review organization for the same exam date, we will provide you with a credit for the amount paid (up to the aforementioned limits).

Yes. Up until the exam date, you can upgrade your course to any other AmeriBar course, or add any course option (e.g., iPod Rental or essay critiques), for the same jurisdiction. You will only pay the difference in price.

We began implementing refundable book deposits for some courses in mid-2016. If you paid a book deposit, the amount will be noted on your receipt. If there is no indication of a book deposit on your receipt, then your course did not require payment of a book deposit. In order to obtain a return of your refundable book deposit, you must send all of your course books back to our office within 30 days (postmarked) of being notified of your bar exam results. The address is:

1242 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312

You must include your name and contact information.

Yes, but if you keep the books, you will forfeit any paid refundable book deposit.


AmeriBar’s bar exam tutors are the best bar exam tutors in the country. Our tutors are not recent bar examinees who are having trouble finding legal work. Some of our tutors have worked individually with over 500 students. Every AmeriBar bar exam tutor is not only a bar exam expert in your jurisdiction, but a distinguished attorney dedicated to legal education. Our tutors include former and current professors, bar exam graders, and attorneys who are legal writing experts.

A tutor will work with you to:

  • analyze your past score reports to identify and address weaknesses;
  • assist you to develop an intuitive study calendar (a study calendar must be developed in an intuitive order that allows adequate time for learning and reviewing each subject);
  • teach you how to study each subject in a way that maximizes understanding and retention (big-box bar review courses do not  address how to study a subject properly.  By adjusting a bar exam student’s study process, bar exam scores can be significantly improved);
  • prepare customized assignments of essay, MBE, and performance test questions;
  • review your assignment answers with you so that you gain an understanding of your mistakes, how to prevent them, and how to improve your score; and
  • allow you the opportunity to ask questions about your feedback.

We have no published pass rate for our tutoring program. It is impossible to prepare a pass rate that would apply to your situation. Some students come to us having failed the bar exam once, by a few points. Other students come to us having failed the exam repeatedly, by many points. Their chances of passing the bar exam are completely different and would not apply to you. We frequently request that our students answer a survey about the tutoring program after they take the bar exam. Almost every exam, 100% of respondents indicate that they would recommend the tutoring program to a friend.

Please fill out a tutoring information request form. You will receive an automated response detailing the specifics regarding the program, including remaining availability, testimonials, scheduling, and pricing information.

Tutoring can benefit many repeat takers. A majority of our students come to us after failing the exam while using another company’s bar review course. “Big-box” bar review courses suffer from several fatal defects:

  • they do not teach you how to study efficiently and effectively for every portion of the bar exam;
  • they do not teach you how to implement bar exam test-taking techniques specific to the each bar exam;
  • they do not provide you with individualized feedback that will improve your exam answers; and
  • they do not provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and get meaningful answers.

Due to limited availability and the focus of the program, we generally recommend that only repeat examinees enroll in the tutoring program. If you are a first time examinee, we generally recommend you enroll in a complete review course. However, first time examinees considered at-risk would qualify for tutoring. The following types of examinees would qualify as at-risk:

  • a student who graduated in the lower 40% of their law school class;
  • foreign law graduates; 
  • someone who graduated from law school over 10 years ago who has not been actively involved in the practice of law; and
  • anyone who failed a bar exam in another jurisdiction.

When selecting a tutor, be sure to learn about the organization behind the tutoring. AmeriBar has been in existence for over 17 years. We are a bar exam tutoring organization – this isn’t what we do part time. Tutoring is a core AmeriBar focus. Our tutoring program has been developed using established study methodologies and the benefit of experience with thousands of prior students. Additionally, our tutors have a background in legal education and have been extensively trained in all facets of the program.

With AmeriBar, you also have built-in support system. If you have a question, pick up the phone and call one of our attorney mentors. You’ll also have access to other AmeriBar resources including online lectures and question banks.

Tutoring can be expensive, and picking the wrong tutor can be an expensive mistake. There are a few potential pitfalls to avoid when selecting a bar exam tutor:

  • hiring the best tutor within driving distance (AmeriBar’s tutors are the best tutors in the world – you won’t find anything comparable within driving distance);
  • hiring a tutor from a big box bar review course that has already failed you. As you have already experienced, big box bar review is designed for the masses; and
  • hiring an inexperienced attorney who moonlights as a bar exam tutor.

iPod Lectures

AmeriBar can provide you with an Apple iPod so that you can listen to the audio lectures without being tied to your computer. iPod lectures are available as an upgrade from standard online audio lectures. They are available for all portions of the bar exam course (MBE, Essay, and MPT).

The upgrade for iPod audio lectures is $249. You will also be charged an additional $99 refundable deposit. The deposit is refunded when you return the iPod to AmeriBar in good working order within thirty days from the date of the exam.

You can keep the iPod. However, if you keep the iPod, you will not receive your deposit. You must also remove the lectures from the iPod.

Yes, limitations exist for iPod lectures, as with all of our lectures. The lectures are licensed to the enrolling student. The lectures and iPod are the property of AmeriBar. The lectures cannot be shared with anyone. The lectures cannot be played for others. The lectures cannot be downloaded to a computer. The lectures cannot be recorded or transcribed. The lectures are and remain the intellectual property of AmeriBar. By purchasing the iPod upgrade, a student receives a personal, non-transferable, license to use the lecture to prepare for the bar exam for one course administration. If the student elects to keep the iPod after the exam, the lectures must be deleted from the iPod.

Send the iPod and the charging cable in a padded envelope to:

AmeriBar Returns
1242 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Be sure to include your contact information. If the iPod is in good working condition, the deposit will be refunded to your credit card. If the refund attempt is unsuccessful, we will send a check for the deposit amount to your address on file, unless you specify otherwise.

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