Upcoming Bar Exam Dates Have Changed Due to Covid-19

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AmeriBar’s bar review courses have redefined the bar exam industry. Complete courses start at $995 (or $88 per month).

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Regent Law School

Jennifer was unsuccessful twice with Barbri before enrolling in an AmeriBar course.

“I felt so prepared and so well-versed in every area of the law for the exam. I never felt that way with Barbri the first couple of times I took it. I can’t say enough about how well-prepared I felt and how relieved I was after failing twice to come back and just nail it after six years of absence from the law.”

What Makes AmeriBar, AmeriBar?

The Bar Exam Experts

AmeriBar has been helping examinees pass the Bar Exam for over 20 years. We are the bar exam experts that law schools turn to when they need students to pass the exam.

Bar Exam Expert

Live Online Workshops

Attend multiple daily live workshops and meetings during the months leading up to the bar exam with our "Live Class Pass". Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all students enrolling in a Complete or Personal course through October receive a free "Live Class Pass" ($1999 value).


Physical Bar Review Course Books

The testable subject-matter for the bar exam is immense. Physical books allow you to markup, highlight, and take notes. We only print on top quality, heavy duty paper. Your books are built to last. Plus, they're yours to keep!

Florida Bar Review Course Student

Study Smarter

Every outline, lecture, and other resource is crafted to teach what you need to know to pass the bar exam-nothing more, nothing less. We teach to the test and you benefit!
Heidi reported that she raised her score from 121 to 144.

Save a Fortune

Big box bar review's national professional sales team is expensive to maintain. Don't pay extra to subsidize their bonuses. You're smarter than that!
Biola passed the bar exam on her first try as a foreign educated attorney.

Study on Your Terms

Don't waste time in traffic or a crowded lecture hall full of anxious students. Study anywhere you want, on any device, when you want, on your own terms.
Jennifer passed on her third try after being unsuccessful with Barbri twice.

Pass Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don't pass the bar exam, you will have continued access to the course. We call it "Class 'til you Pass".
Antoinette reported that she raised her score over 30 points.

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Iyanna passed after being unsuccessful several times with another provider.
Bar Review Course App

Bar Review Course App

Our app includes complete bar review course access including digital outlines, lectures, and question banks. Take the course wherever you take your mobile device. Listen to lectures in the car, on the train, at the beach, or in the gym. Download the course for offline access.

Real Prior Bar Exam Questions

Other courses hold back real prior bar exam questions to avoid paying hefty licensing fees. AmeriBar absorbs the costs because these real questions will help you pass the bar exam.

MBE Bar Exam Question Bank

Bar Exam Essay Critique Program

Write Bar Exam essay answers that get points! Submit up to 12 answers to prior bar exam essay questions. We will provide a detailed individual expert review that will tell you exactly how to improve your score.

Bar Exam Essay Critiques

AmeriBar's Adjustments for Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. We are adding the "Live Class Pass" to every enrollment so that we can get through this together.

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Study Anywhere

Don't spend hours in traffic and a crowded lecture hall watching a video. Study where you are most productive - on any device (and even get real books!)

Sample Calendars

AmeriBar's template bar review course study calendars for the bar exam provide a framework for your day-to-day study process. Calendars are available for different study timeframes.​

Class 'Til You Pass

Life can get in the way of the bar exam. If you postpone the bar exam for any reason, receive access to the course for the next exam by paying a $199 course extension fee.

Attorney Support

If you have questions related to your bar exam preparation, an attorney mentor is just a telephone call or email away. Call 800-529-2651 to experience exceptional AmeriBar customer service.

Risk-Free Inspection

Our amazing bar review course comes with a 4-day risk-free inspection period. If you return the books within 7 days of receipt for any reason, you will get your money back (minus our unrecoverable costs).

The AmeriBar Difference

Have you ever seen someone emotional about one of our competitors?


Thomas Cooley Law School

Heidi was unsuccessful twice with Barbri before enrolling in AmeriBar bar exam tutoring.

Heidi describes how AmeriBar was instrumental in raising her score from 121 to 144.



“I increased my score upwards of 30 points (on the February 2020 exam), so the least I could do was give a testimonial.”

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Bar Review Course

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St. Thomas Law School


Otto raised his score on the MBE from 133 to 150 after enrolling in AmeriBar and completing 1400 FEWER practice MBE questions. You really can study smarter, do less, and pass the bar exam!

Public Interest Discount

AmeriBar recognizes legal professionals who serve the public and further the public interest. Public interest professionals are entitled to a significant discount. 

Military Discount

AmeriBar honors those who serve our country. Current and former members of the United States Armed Forces and their spouses are entitled to a significant discount. 


University of Lagos (Nigeria)

“They offered seven hours of personal tutoring and I thought, ‘wow this is a program that is quite different.’ So I signed up and paid the money. Guess what? That was what helped me pass the bar. “


Stetson Law School

Allison was unsuccessful twice with Kaplan before enrolling in tutoring.

“I think having a personal tutor help to prepare me for the bar exam is the only reason I finally passed the bar. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to AmeriBar and their program.”

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Upcoming Bar Exam Dates Have Changed Due to Covid-19