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AmeriBar bar exam tutoring has helped thousands of repeat takers in 40+ jurisdictions for 20 years. Become the next success story!

AmeriBar’s bar review courses have redefined the bar exam industry. Complete courses start at $995 (or $88 per month). 

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Why AmeriBar?

Study Smarter

Every outline, lecture, and other resource is crafted to teach what you need to know to pass the bar exam-nothing more, nothing less. We teach to the test and you benefit!

Study Anywhere

Don't spend hours in traffic and a crowded lecture hall watching a video. Study where you are most productive-on any device (and even get real books!)

Save a Fortune

Big box bar review's national professional sales team is expensive to maintain. Don't pay extra to subsidize their bonuses. You're smarter than that!

Start Now

You will be granted online access within 1 day. Your books will ship within 7 days. Study on your terms!

Pass Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don't pass the bar exam, you will have continued access to the course. We call it "Class 'til you Pass".

We Care

AmeriBar is different. We are the anti big-box bar review company. Have you ever seen anyone tear up about other bar review companies?
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The AmeriBar Difference

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Have you ever seen someone emotional about one of our competitors?

Student Reviews


Thomas Cooley Law School

Heidi was unsuccessful twice with Barbri before enrolling in tutoring.

“Well, the one thing I did do differently was not use Barbri… I used the AmeriBar materials and had the one-on-one tutorial for the essays. I do think it probably made a large difference in how I handled and approached my essays.”

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Regent Law School

Jennifer was unsuccessful twice with Barbri before enrolling in tutoring.

“I felt so prepared and well-versed in every area of the law for the exam. I never felt that way with Barbri the first couple of times I took it. I can’t say enough about how well-prepared I felt and how relieved I was after failing twice to come back and just nail it after six years of absence from the law.”

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University of Lagos (Nigeria)

“They offered seven hours of personal tutoring and I thought, ‘wow this is a program that is quite different.’ So I signed up and paid the money. Guess what? That was what helped me pass the bar. “


John Marshall Law School

“I would recommend AmeriBar for their stellar program, the cost – you can’t overlook that – and all the help they provide. Do your due diligence and I am sure you’ll come to the same conclusion. You really can’t argue with success.”

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Stetson Law School

Allison was unsuccessful twice with Kaplan before enrolling in tutoring.

“I think having a personal tutor help to prepare me for the bar exam is the only reason I finally passed the bar. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to AmeriBar and their program.”

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and Get a Secret Gift (shhhhh!)