Kentucky Bar Prep

Kentucky Bar Review Course Supplements

AmeriBar does not offer a complete Kentucky bar review course. However, we offer several products and services that will help you pass the Kentucky bar exam.

Partial Course Options

Repeat Takers Only

UBE Course

Kentucky administers almost all portions of the UBE. The UBE course will help you pass the Kentucky bar exam.

MBE Course

You must pass the MBE with a score of 132 in order to pass the Kentucky bar exam. AmeriBar's MBE course will give you the MBE edge.

MEE Course

Kentucky administers several MEE questions in the written portion of the Kentucky bar exam. Our MEE course will help you pass the exam.


We have been tutoring repeat takers to pass the Kentucky bar exam for over 10 years. Learn how you can pass the exam this time with a Kentucky bar exam tutor.

Supplemental Course Options

For students enrolled with another course provider

MBE Question Bank

Online access to our MBE Question Bank will provide you with access to over 3000 simulated MBE questions.

Strategy Course

Learn the strategies and techniques that made us famous for helping repeat takers pass the bar exam.

Stress Management

Learn stress management techniques that will help you keep calm and AmeriBar on!

Upcoming Bar Exam Dates Have Changed Due to Covid-19