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AmeriBar's Bar Exam Tutoring program has helped thousands of students prepare for the bar exam for over 17 years. Find out why AmeriBar is the most trusted name in bar exam tutoring.

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Bar Exam Tutoring Overview

AmeriBar’s bar exam tutoring program is unlike any bar review course, including our own. Instead of catering to the masses, bar exam tutoring focuses on you and your individual needs. Tutoring puts you at the center of the preparation process. 

I am just grateful that I finally found a service that was focused on my success and not just turning out a product that is produced for the masses... I learned much more of the law using Ameribar then I ever did with BarBri and that helped immensely.
Vaden F.
University of Missouri
The mentors are very experienced, and you’re going to do a great job by using them. They really do prepare you. They tell you exactly what you need to know and what you need to stay away from. And they give you the confidence of knowing that on test day, you’re going to score so much higher.
T.L. Testimonial
Tony L.
University of Utah

Experience Matters

Some students find AmeriBar after a bad experience with a local “tutor”. Don’t hire a failed lawyer moonlighting as a bar exam tutor.  AmeriBar bar exam tutors are the best in the world. Our team includes former professors, bar exam graders, and exemplary lawyers. We have tutored thousands of students in over 20 countries for over 17 years. 

It's Personal!

As a tutoring student, you will work one-on-one, by skype, telephone, or facetime, with a bar exam expert, for less than the cost of many traditional bar review courses. AmeriBar’s tutoring program is customized for your needs. We can assist you with the MBE, essay writing, performance tests (if applicable), and any other aspects of bar exam preparation. 

Having a personal tutor ... was extremely helpful for me because instead of ... listening to lectures, or reading an outline, or reading from a book, I [had] somebody there who would immediately give me feedback on not only the answers that I was giving for the essay questions or for the multiple-choice questions... So it was very helpful to have that immediate feedback and to have that personal touch to help me through.
Bar Exam Tutoring Student
Ray L.
West Virginia University

Personal Assistance

Work individually by skype, phone, or facetime, with a bar exam expert. No course can provide this type of personal assistance.


Complete Flexibility
Don't spend hours in traffic and a crowded lecture hall watching a video. Study where you are most productive - on any device (and even get real books!)

Save a Fortune

Reasonable Pricing
Big box bar review's nationwide professional sales team is expensive to maintain. Don't pay extra to subsidize their bonuses. You're smarter than that!

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Immediate Access
You will be granted online access within 1 day. Your books will ship within 7 days. Study on your terms!

Essay Critique Program

Submit up to 11 essays for the best essay critiques in the industry.

Real MBE Questions

Released MBE questions are key to learning skills. You'll get over 3000 released and simulated questions.
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Real Books

You will get real books and have access to digital outlines.

Attorney Support

An AmeriBar bar exam expert is always just a phone call or email away.

98% Recommendation Rate

Over 98% of AmeriBar's tutoring students who responded to our post-exam survey indicated that they would recommend us to a friend.

Question Banks

Answer 4500+ released and simulated MBE questions1000+ learning questions, 200+ essay questions, and every released MPT question.

80+ Hours Lectures

You'll be guided every step of the way with over 80 hours of strategy and substantive lectures.