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Texas Bar Exam Tutoring Student: “I was deployed to a combat zone. So there were times I was attempting to do questions or essays – basically studying – and the alarm would sound off because the enemy had launched rocket-propelled grenades or mortars or vehicle born improvised explosive devices were occurring in the vicinity of our forward operating base. “

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Texas Bar Exam Tutor

An AmeriBar Texas bar exam tutor provides personal assistance for Texas bar exam takers. If a traditional bar review course is not enough, our Texas bar exam tutor can help you pass the bar exam.

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Foreign Lawyer – USC LLM

After failing 6 bar exams, Ilona found AmeriBar and passed the Florida, California, Nevada, and UBE (Texas) bar exams!

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The T.L.F. Method

1. Technique

10 Hours of workshops detailing study strategies and test-taking techniques. Learn the T.L.F. methodology based on our experience with thousands of prior bar exam tutoring students.

2. Law

Access all our focused substantive materials, including lectures, question banks, and more, specifically keyed to the scope and frequency of testing.

3. Feedback

Receive immediate extensive personalized feedback on your assignments. Learn what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. Don’t waste an attempt at passing the Texas bar exam working with an inexperienced local “tutor” who can’t find legal work. Work with an AmeriBar Texas bar exam tutor – one of the best bar exam tutors in the country.

Texas Bar Exam Tutoring Program

AmeriBar’s bar exam tutoring program is the oldest, and most established, in the country. As a result of over twenty years of experience tutoring thousands of repeat bar exam takers, we know why most students fail the bar exam. Our Texas bar exam tutoring program is structured to correct the fundamental mistakes examinees make when it comes to to the bar exam.

Instead of catering to the masses, our bar exam tutoring program focuses on you, and is customized to your unique test-taking and preparation needs.

As an AmeriBar student, you will benefit from the T.L.F. Method Advantage. You will receive personalized assistance from an AmeriBar Texas bar exam tutor while preparing for the upcoming exam. You will work one-on-one, over web conference, with a bar exam expert, for less than the cost of many traditional bar review courses.

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AmeriBar’s program has helped countless students pass the bar exam. If you want the best tutor in driving distance, don’t choose AmeriBar. If you want to be helped by one of the best Texas bar exam tutors in the country, request more information today.

AmeriBar bar exam tutors include former professors, bar exam graders, and bar preparation industry professionals who are rigorously trained in all aspects of the Texas bar exam.

If you would like to learn more about AmeriBar’s Texas bar exam tutoring program, including pricing and availability, please fill out our tutoring information request form and we’ll send you an email detailing specifics about the program. 

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Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Terran passed as a tutoring student after being unsuccessful with Kaplan. 

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Valparaiso Law School

Ethan was unsuccessful on twelve attempts before enrolling in AmeriBar’s tutoring program. 

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