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Indiana Bar Exam Format


The Indiana Bar Exam is administered over two days. The examiners have adopted the Uniform Bar Exam (“UBE”).

Day 1

The written portion of the exam is administered on the first day of the Indiana bar exam. The written portion of the bar exam consists of the Multistate Performance Test (“MPT”) and the Multistate Essay Exam (“MEE”). You will have three hours to answer two MPT questions. You will have three hours to answer the six MEE questions.

Day 2

The Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”) is administered on the second day of the Indiana bar exam. The MBE is a multiple-choice test containing 200 questions. The MBE is split into a morning and afternoon session. Each session consists of 100 questions. You have three hours to complete each session.

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Exam Dates

  • July 30-31, 2024
  • February 25-26, 2025
  • July 29-30, 2025
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Indiana Bar Admissions

Indiana State Board of Law Examiners
251 North Illinois Street, Ste. 550
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana MPRE Score Requirement

Indiana requires bar exam applicants to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (“MPRE”). You must score 80 or higher on the MPRE in order to pass in Indiana.

Scoring/Grading and Results

In order to pass the Indiana bar exam, you must score at least 264 out of 400. This equates to 132, based on the MBE’s 200-point scale. The scores of the exam sections are weighted as follows: MPT 20%, MEE 30%, and MBE 50%. Indiana makes bar exam results available approximately 9 to 10 weeks after the exam.


A lawyer admitted to practice law in another United States jurisdiction can qualify to practice law in Indiana by admission on motion. The lawyer may qualify by fulfilling several conditions, which include practicing law for at least five of the past seven years in the other jurisdiction.

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AmeriBar has been helping students pass the Indiana bar exam for over 20 years. 

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Indiana Bar Exam Statewide Pass Rates

Exam DateFirstRepeatTotal
July 202377%33%70%
February 202362%42%50%
July 202276%28%68%
February 202271%37%55%
July 202178%27%69%
February 202165%30%49%
July 202086%61%68%
February 202062%36%48%
July 201976%23%65%
February 201968%35%50%
July 201875%35%65%
February 201870%30%51%
July 201780%39%66%
February 201774%44%52%
July 201672%30%64%
February 201664%40%55%

AmeriBar has been helping students pass the Indiana bar exam for over 20 years.