Wyoming Bar Review Course

Wyoming bar review outline books, online lectures, practice questions, attorney mentoring. Complete Wyoming bar review course options start at just $1995 $1365.

Complete Wyoming Bar Exam Preparation

AmeriBar’s Wyoming bar review course prepares you for every portion of the Wyoming bar exam. The Wyoming bar review course includes:

  • Outline Books
  • Online Lectures
  • Practice Question Books
  • Sample Study Schedules
  • Attorney Mentoring
  • Much More
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Wyoming Bar Review Course Books

Get on the Road to Passing the Bar Exam

Wyoming Bar Review Course Books

All Complete Bar Review courses come with a physical set of outline and questions books. AmeriBar’s outline books focus on testability. They contain an intuitive starring system, which highlights important exam topics for efficient study. As a result, you will be more efficient with your study time and free up some time to perfect your approach to essay writing.

UBE Outline Book

UBE Outline Book

AmeriBar’s Wyoming UBE outline book, along with the MBE outline book, detail all the law you need to know in order to pass the Wyoming Bar Exam. The Wyoming UBE outline book covers all testable non-MBE subjects including: Business Associations; Conflict of Laws; Family Law; Trusts and Decedent’s Estates; and the UCC (Secured Transactions).

Multistate Essay Question and Answer Books


Wyoming administers the MEE. AmeriBar’s Wyoming Bar Review course comes with the best resource for essay exam preparation – actual prior MEE questions and examiner analyses (over twenty past exams). By reviewing prior questions, you’ll learn which issues are often tested, and how common issues should be resolved.

MBE Outline Book

MBE-Outline-BookAmeriBar’s Wyoming bar review course comes with our MBE outline book (over 500 pages) covering all subjects tested on the MBE including Civil Procedure, Contracts and Sales, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Property, and Torts. It covers the concepts that you must know in order to pass the exam.

MBE Released Questions and Answers Books

MBE Released Questions and Answers BooksOur Wyoming bar review course also includes books containing over 1400 released MBE questions with answers and explanations. The questions in these books have actually appeared on the MBE. Because they are actual prior questions, they are reflective of the questions you are likely to encounter.

Wyoming Bar Review Course Lectures

Strategy Workshop Lectures

Wyoming Bar Review Course Lectures One of the best components of our Wyoming bar review course is our online strategy lectures. These workshops teach you the strategies and techniques you need to learn to maximize your score on the Wyoming bar exam. As a result of our experience tutoring thousands of repeat bar exam takers in our tutoring program, we have discovered the common mistakes many examinees make. We have developed a methodology designed to avoid these mistakes and improve your bar exam score. Our Wyoming bar review course strategy lectures include our workshops on IRAC, study strategies, essay writing strategies, outlining, and calendar creation.

Wyoming Bar Exam Substantive Law Lectures

Bar Exam Lectures The Wyoming bar review course also includes online access to online audio and video lectures detailing all subjects tested on the Wyoming bar exam. As with our outlines, AmeriBar’s substantive lectures are designed to focus on what you need to know to pass the Wyoming bar exam. The lectures are available online, so they can be accessed at home, at work, or just about anywhere that you have an internet connection. The lectures are comprehensive, covering the topics spanning the scope of testing on the MBE and the essay portion of the Wyoming bar exam.

Included with Every Course

Bonus Online Question Databank Access

Online MBE Question BankFor a limited time, students who enroll in a complete bar review course will also receive access to AmeriBar’s online MBE practice question databank. The online questions can be accessed by a web browser anywhere an internet connection is available. Students can complete practice MBE questions online covering any of the MBE subjects, obtain automatic feedback regarding answers, and track their performance over multiple question sets. The databank contains all of the released questions in the Released Question book, as well as an additional 1000 practice questions. This $289 value is included absolutely free.

Pass Guarantee

All of AmeriBar’s bar review courses come with a pass-update guarantee. Every student is eligible. If you sit for the bar exam, and do not pass, you will receive one free retake of the online course. You must inform AmeriBar that you did not pass the exam within 10 days of being notified of the results. Within the same time limit, you must also provide AmeriBar with a copy or fax of the notification letter from the Board of Law Examiners.

Attorney Mentoring

Bar Exam Attorney MentorIf you have any questions about the law, the study process, or anything else related to your bar exam preparation, one of our attorney mentors is just a telephone call away. Call us now at 800-529-2651 to experience exceptional AmeriBar customer service.

Sample Study Calendars

Bar Exam Study ScheduleThe course contains AmeriBar’s sample study calendars. The calendars detail what subjects students should study, as well as what students should accomplish on a daily basis. Study calendars are available for different study timeframes.

Risk-Free Inspection Period

Risk Free Inspection PeriodIt is important to feel comfortable with your bar review materials. We are extremely confident that, like most of our prior students, you will love our bar review course. The course comes with a four-day risk-free inspection period. If you choose to return the materials within four days of receipt for any reason, you will receive your money back, minus a 12.5% administrative restock fee. The materials can be opened but must be in unused (no tears or folds) and unmarked condition.

Optional Extras at Additional Cost

Silver Package – Essay Critique Program

You may upgrade your enrollment to AmeriBar’s Silver Package which includes AmeriBar’s Unlimited Essay Critique Program. AmeriBar’s Unlimited Essay Critique Program is a six-week program starting approximately seven weeks before the bar exam. The program will teach you how to write essays that will allow an examiner to quickly and easily award points. We’ll show you how to grab the examiner’s attention in the first sentence and draw the examiner’s eyes to parts of your essay that will get you points, along with various other essay writing strategies and techniques. Each week of the program, you will submit an assigned essay from your AmeriBar Materials for written critique. You will also have the ability to submit an unlimited number of essays from your materials for critique. Essay critiques are detailed, individual reviews by experts that will tell you what you’re doing well and exactly how to improve your essay answer.

Gold Package – Intensive Monitored Assignments

AmeriBar’s Gold Package includes intensive monitored assignments that hone the skills needed to be successful on the bar exam. The program contains completion deadlines and structure for students who need it. The intensive monitored assignments will require you to practice outlining, submit essays for critique, and complete practice tests. For students who meet eligibility criteria, including recent law school graduation from an ABA school located in the 50 states and DC, completion of these monitored assignments can make you eligible for AmeriBar’s Money Back Guarantee. For more information on the Money back Guarantee Program and complete eligibility requirements, please check our FAQ.

Personal Bar Review – Tutoring and Course

AmeriBar’s Personal Bar Review Course come with all course materials, access to the essay critique program, the iPod with a waived deposit, and seven tutoring sessions. The Personal Bar Review Course is ideal for repeat bar exam takers who need complete course materials. It is also a great option for foreign attorneys or law graduates.

Tutoring Sessions

AmeriBar has been providing exceptional bar exam tutoring for repeat takers for over 15 years. The program is specifically tailored to your individual test-taking needs. An AmeriBar bar exam tutor will work with you on any portion of the bar exam: MBE, Essay, and/or MPT. AmeriBar’s tutoring program provides you with assignment-based sessions supported with a study plan. You will learn critical strategy and test-taking skills that can be used to improve your exam scores. Visit our testimonials page to see and read testimonials from hundreds of repeat bar exam takers who attribute passing the bar exam to AmeriBar’s tutoring.

iPod Upgrade Rental Option

Bar Exam Lectures on iPodFor an additional fee, you can rent an Apple iPod Nano or Touch pre-loaded with all course audio lectures. The iPod rental program is designed to help you take the lectures with you, wherever you decide to study. Prior students have informed us that they used their iPod to listen to the lectures in their car, on the train, at the beach, and in the gym. For additional details, please check our FAQ.

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