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Our MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) course provides everything you need to ace the MBE for only $795.

AmeriBar’s MBE Course will maximize your score on the MultiState Bar Examination (“MBE”) by providing focused course material in a workable format. The course consists of lectures, outlines, and over 3000 practice questions. You can study anywhere you can bring your books or access the internet.

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Hard-Copy Books
Hours of Lectures
MBE Questions



Study anywhere you take your mobile device. Watch lectures, answer learning and essay questions, and much more on the go.


Other bar review companies cut costs by eliminating physical books. With AmeriBar, you will get 3 real MBE Bar Review books.


With AmeriBar, you are never just a number. You become a part of a family. We are committed to helping you ace the MBE.

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MBE Course Books and Lectures

MBE Questions and Answers with Explanations

These two optional books are worth their weight in gold. They include 1400+ released prior MBE questions and answers with detailed explanations. The questions in these books have appeared on the MBE. They reflect the type of questions you will face as well as the issues you are likely to encounter.

MBE Outlines

Substantive Lectures

Learn the law you need to know to pass the MBE.


The MBE Course contains a practice question book with over 1400 released exam questions. It also includes a book with the answers and explanations for these questions.  You will also receive access to AmeriBar’s MBE Question Banks, containing over 2500 additional simulated MBE questions., and over 500 learning questions (designed to test you on legal rules elements). No other MBE course will provide you more questions.


The MBE Course contains a 600 page outline book covering all of the subjects tested on the MBE. This book is specifically developed and updated to address the scope of testing of the MBE. We started with the scope of testability provided by the examiners and refined it with specialized knowledge of testing patterns. As with all of our materials, the focus of the outline book is on testability. It covers the concepts that you must know in order to pass the exam.


Students of the MBE Course are provided with access to substantive law audio lectures covering all six topics tested on the MBE. The lectures are available online, so they can be used at home, at work, or just about anywhere that you have an internet connection. The lectures are comprehensive, covering the topics spanning the scope of testing on the MBE. As with the outlines, the lectures focus on testability. The lectures covering the MBE subjects are over 40 hours in duration.

Get the Better Bigger Smarter More Effective Friendlier Best MBE bar review course

MBE Question and Answers

Online Resources

Learning Questions

Learning questions will assess your understanding of the materials and reinforce key concepts.

MBE Question Bank

AmeriBar’s MBE Question Bank ($399 value) is included free. The MBE Question Bank contains over 1400 released MBE questions and over 2500 simulated MBE questions. 

MBE Question of the Day

Included with Every MBE Course

How the Course was Developed

The MBE Course is the product of experience. AmeriBar has assisted thousands of students pass the bar exam. We know what students must learn in order to pass the exam. Additionally, our experts have analyzed thousands of past MBE questions and the scope of testing. We know what you can expect to be tested on during the exam and our materials have been developed to reflect this knowledge.

Whether you are an attorney who took the MBE years ago and are just looking for a refresher to take another bar exam, or a recent law student facing your first bar exam, AmeriBar’s course is the best option available to help you pass the exam.

Why the MBE Course Works

The MBE course is effective because it is focused on what a student needs to know in order to pass the exam. AmeriBar is dedicated to making your study process more efficient. We have analyzed thousands of past MBE questions and the scope of testing provided by the examiners. All of the course materials, including the lectures, outlines, and questions, directly focus on this important information, which has been gathered through years of research.

The format of the course also maximizes study efficiency. The book format of the outlines and released questions provides the student with portability, ensuring that the student can study anywhere. The convenience of the questions in book format also means that you won’t strain your eyes reading from a computer screen. Of course, if you’re technologically inclined, you can also access over 2400 questions in our online question databank.

AmeriBar has helped thousands of students pass the bar exam. Make your study time efficient and effective. Enroll in one of AmeriBar’s courses.