Letter to our students

To our students,

Since the COVID‑19 pandemic began, we have been adapting to the altered world of education. 

What we have learned through decades of helping students pass the bar exam is that care and compassion are at the heart of learning: care for our students, care for our partners, care for our team members, and care for the legal community. 

Care demands that we are there for our students as they depend on our courses and tutoring in new ways: to learn as schools close, to connect while staying apart, to be social while distant. 

In order to further our students’ ability to achieve success, we will include a free “Live Class Pass” with every complete course and tutoring enrollment ($2000 value). The “Live Class Pass” permits access to archives of our live workshops and access to select live workshops.   

As of today, our students have had access to over 200 hours of live workshops during the pandemic. As we continue to evolve our offerings, we promise to put care first. 


Alexander Nakis

AmeriBar Live Classes