Is Tutoring Right for You?

Do I Need Bar Exam Tutoring?

Do I Need Bar Exam Tutoring
The next bar exam is just four months away. If you’ve been putting off taking the exam because you had prior difficulties passing it, then now is the time to consider AmeriBar tutoring.

History of Our Bar Exam Tutoring Program

Our founder, Alex Nakis, developed our tutoring program in 1999 to help students pass the bar exam. Alex found a problem with other bar review courses and developed the tutoring program to combat their weaknesses. We have been tutoring students for the past 15 years, and we have helped them successfully pass the bar exam.

Why You Should Consider Tutoring

  • We were one of the first in the business. Our company was exclusively involved in tutoring until we realized that there was a need for a better bar review program.
  • Our tutors are experienced and have been properly trained. Each AmeriBar tutor has helped hundreds of other students pass the bar exam. Many of these students are repeat exam takers who felt as if they had no chance of passing the bar. Our tutors know the nuances of the bar exam and pass this knowledge onto their students.
  • Our program is individualized. We don’t cater to the masses. We focus on you and your individual experiences. We want you to pass the bar exam, so your tutoring program is tailored to your specific needs and weaknesses. No tutoring program should be “one size fits all.”
  • Our students are our biggest supporters. We have dozens of testimonial videos from our students who will tell you that they are attorneys because they got AmeriBar bar exam tutoring.
  • We care about you. Everyone at AmeriBar wants you to pass the bar exam. That is why we want you to call or email us if you are experiencing any pitfalls in your study process. We are here to help you.

Tutoring Benefits

  • You will learn how to maximize your points on each section of the exam. Our tutors know what the bar examiners are looking for on the exam, and they will teach you how to maximize your points on the test.
  • Get the benefit of our online lectures. These are no additional cost to our tutoring students. They will help you learn how to study more effectively and efficiently, how to write an essay, among many other valuable test taking strategies and techniques.
  • Get the benefit of our online questions. There are over 2400 MBE questions and hundreds of MPT and essay questions available.
  • The biggest benefit of all: passing the bar exam!
For more information about our tutoring pricing, please give us a call at 800-529-2651 or send us an email to