Advice for Repeat Bar Exam Takers

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If you are a repeat taker, you should be into the swing of preparing for the bar exam. (We recommend that repeat takers start studying 8-10 weeks before the bar exam.) It is possible that you have encountered issues in preparing in one of the following areas during previous exam attempts. You should develop and execute a plan to address each of these potential problem areas.

Knowledge of the Law

You can improve your knowledge of the law by refining your outlining process. AmeriBar has great lectures that address the importance of active outlining as well as the various approaches to be most effective while outlining.

Legal Analysis

You can improve your analytical skills by working through past exam issues from MBE and essay questions. AmeriBar has over 1400 National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) released MBE questions from past exams and 1300 AmeriBar-created MBE simulated questions in addition to essay questions from past bar exams.

Reading Comprehension

You can improve your reading comprehension skills by reading slowly and carefully and making notes on the question paper.

If you find yourself still struggling with your study approach, study-calendar creation, or any aspect of the preparation process, please give us a call. We have spaces available in our 6-week and 5-week tutoring programs for some jurisdictions. Please call us to check availability, enroll, or ask questions about any of our tutoring programs. Our number is 800-529-2651. Best of luck and happy holidays!