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We have helped thousands pass the bar exam for over 15 years. Whether you are a repeat taker, first-time taker, foreign attorney, practicing attorney in another state, or even if you’ve failed the bar exam ten times, we have helped students like you before. We can help you too!

95%+ Recommendation Rate

Over 95% of AmeriBar bar review course students who responded to our survey would recommend us to a friend.

Giant Question Bank

Answer 4500+ released and simulated MBE questions, 1000+ learning questions, 200+ essay questions, and every released MPT question.

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You’ll be guided every step of the way with over 80 hours of strategy and substantive lectures. Watch a bar exam lecture now.

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Thomas Jefferson
Once you go with AmeriBar they will help you emotionally and academically. . . That’s why I’m grateful for AmeriBar – because they helped me accomplish my dream. And without them, I wouldn’t be an attorney today.
Birmingham School of Law
I truly believe that the one-on-one tutoring helped me achieve that passing score on the bar exam. By having a personal tutor for me, AmeriBar was the sole reason I passed the examination.
Lagos State University - Nigeria
I went to the examination hall so full of confidence. I said, ‘well if I did not take AmeriBar I’m sure I would not have been able to do this.’ And the good news is that when the bar results came out, I’d passed.
Writing for the bar exam isn’t like writing an essay or writing for any other format, and so I had the right ideas but I didn’t have the right organization or structure, and [my tutor] really helped me figure out how to fix that. So, my experience with AmeriBar was fantastic. . .
Regent University
I felt so much more prepared going into the exam than I had both of the previous times when I had taken the BAR/BRI course. I knew going in that I was really ready this time
John Marshall
Ameribar, by far, had the best deal for the money. The amount of materials and the quality of those materials could not be equaled.
Dayton Law School
I used Barbri study books last year to take - and fail - the California bar. Although I cannot say Barbri is the reason I failed the California bar, I can say that I found your study materials far superior to Barbri's.
Tulane Law School
So it was just a wonderful experience, which I can’t believe I’m saying in relation to the bar exam and studying for it. But that’s how great AmeriBar and the folks who work for AmeriBar are. I would recommend AmeriBar to anybody.
I think having a personal tutor help to prepare me for the bar exam is the only reason I finally passed the bar. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to AmeriBar and their program.
Loyola California
I give AmeriBar my highest recommendation, and if I were to sit for the bar in yet another state, I would again subscribe to AmeriBar without hesitation to get me through the law and guide me through the process. Thank you AmeriBar
Dayton Law School
Barbri was good, but not like AmeriBar. AmeriBar is very keen on details and they make sure to teach you how to make it easy on the grader.
University of Georgia
AmeriBar for us really was an answer to our prayers.... Thanks to AmeriBar not only did I pass the bar exam on my first attempt, I scored way higher than the state and national averages, and my wife and I saved a couple thousand dollars... AmeriBar rocks.
Lewis and Clark
I used my savings from [not using a competitor's course] on an airline ticket to Australia after the Bar where I drank cold beer and shrimp off the barbi.
Georgia State University
I was able to study everywhere. . . . I did most of it in the gym. . . . I did real well on the test.
University of South Carolina
Get AmeriBar. It was fantastic. It was worth the money. It was cheaper than any competitor. And I passed the bar, so I have nothing to complain about. Good luck.
University of Utah
My mentor was fantastic. . . . And as a result, I increased my essay writing portion by 30 points, which is a tremendous jump by any standard.

Essay Critiques

Submit up to 11 essays for the best essay critiques in the industry.

Real MBEs

Real MBE questions are the best way to prepare. You’ve got them!

Real Books

You will access digital outlines and you will even get real books.


A bar exam expert is just a phone call or email away.

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Unlike our competitors, we didn’t hire a professional sales team to hard sell you in law school for three years. We’re not sharks, we are bar exam experts. When a law school needs its law students to pass, we’re the organization that gets the call.

Our programs are specifically tailored to teach you strategy, technique, and the perfect amount of substance. You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes and make the most of your time.
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What do we mean by "love your bar review"? It's simple. We created a bar review program that focuses on YOU. We made it concise and focused so you can make your study time more efficient and effective. Plus, we made it affordable. You won't have to finance an army of "reps" to hard sell you at your law school. Thousands of bar examinees have said "no" to following the herd. You can be the next AmeriBar success story. Start today.
But there's more than that to loving your bar review course. With AmeriBar, we give you love too. AmeriBar's L.O.V.E. online learning center will allow you to Learn Online Virtually Everywhere. AmeriBar's state-of-the-art system uses researched and tested learning techniques to unchain you from the herd. You don't learn best watching a video in a classroom full of nervous people. You're from a new generation of students who studies, and learns, at your own pace. Watch or listen to lectures when you want, as many times as you need. AmeriBar's L.O.V.E. system is just one more reason you will love your bar review.