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AmeriBar bar review courses prepare students to pass the bar exam in over thirty jurisdictions. AmeriBar represents the next generation of legal education, allowing you the freedom to prepare for the bar exam on your terms, according to your schedule.

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AmeriBar not only provides the best course on the market, it’s also the best value.  Our complete courses start from $995-$1295.  With a price that is a fraction of our competitor’s, you really will love your bar review!  Who knows – you may even save some money for a trip to Australia, like this student did.

Pass Rate – 93%

For the July of 2013 bar exam, AmeriBar course students achieved a 93% pass rate. The pass rate is based on all 2013 law school graduates (regardless of what percentage of course assignments they completed) for all jurisdictions in which exam results are made public.


Check out what hundreds of our prior students think about us. One thing is clear, they loved their bar review; you can too.

What Makes AmeriBar Better

AmeriBar offers bar review courses for over 30 jurisdictions. A complete AmeriBar bar review course starts for as little as $995-$1295 depending upon the jurisdiction. You will pay a fraction of the price of our competitor’s bar review course. Additionally, with AmeriBar, you will receive a superior bar review course. We don’t rent classrooms, and we don’t have an army of sales reps. We pass the savings on to our students. Prices generally rises as the bar exam approaches, so the earlier you enroll, the more you will save on your bar review course.
You will receive outlines and lectures that are focused on what you need to know to pass the bar exam. We study recent bar exams and are able to identify exam trends and repeatedly tested topics. We employ a proprietary star system that highlight important legal concepts for exam purposes. As a result, your study process will become more efficient and effective.
AmeriBar’s pass rate for the July of 2013 exam was over 93%. The pass rate is based on 2013 law school graduates (regardless of whether a student completed any percentage of assignments).
You don’t have to brave through traffic to come to a crowded classroom to watch a video of a law school professor who probably hasn’t taken any bar exam in years. Study on your terms – at any time, in any location. Take a lesson from our past students. Study on the beach in the Florida Keys, on a mountain in South America, or at a cafe in Paris. You know where you will be most productive – and it’s not in a crowded lecture hall
AmeriBar has tutored repeat bar examinees for almost 15 years. In fact, most of our tutoring students found us after having failed the bar exam after taking another company’s bar review course. We understand the mistakes that students make and we know what they must change in order to pass the bar exam. You can learn those skills the next time you take the bar exam.
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What do we mean by "love your bar review"? It's simple. We created a bar review program that focuses on YOU. We made it concise and focused so you can make your study time more efficient and effective. Plus, we made it affordable. You won't have to finance an army of "reps" to hard sell you at your law school. Thousands of bar examinees have said "no" to following the herd. You can be the next AmeriBar success story. Start today.
But there's more than that to loving your bar review course. With AmeriBar, we give you love too. AmeriBar's L.O.V.E. online learning center will allow you to Learn Online Virtually Everywhere. AmeriBar's state-of-the-art system uses researched and tested learning techniques to unchain you from the herd. You don't learn best watching a video in a classroom full of nervous people. You're from a new generation of students who studies, and learns, at your own pace. Watch or listen to lectures when you want, as many times as you need. AmeriBar's L.O.V.E. system is just one more reason you will love your bar review.