AmeriBar Builds a Better Bar Review Course

AmeriBar’s Bar Review Course Will Help You Pass

Taking the bar exam is stressful.  Commuting hours to a crowded lecture room to watch a video lecture describing legal concepts that haven’t been tested on the bar exam in years is stressful.  Paying more than you should for a bar review course because a big-box bar review organization has been marketing to you almost every day of your law school career is stressful.  Don’t let your bar review course add to that stress.  There is a better way to prepare for, and pass, the bar exam.

Choose a complete bar review course that fits your needs, your schedule and your budget.   Like thousands of law students before you, use AmeriBar to prepare for and pass the bar exam.

  • Study on your schedule
  • Practice on your terms
  • Save money (a lot)!
UBE Bar Review Course Books

Who Loves their Bar Review Course?  AmeriBar Students!

Yes, it’s possible – you CAN love your bar review course!  See what other AmeriBar bar review course students say in hundreds of written and video testimonials. Learn why over 95% of AmeriBar students would recommend us to a friend.

AmeriBar Complete Bar Review Courses Meet Your Needs

AmeriBar’s complete review courses will fully prepare you to pass the bar exam in over 40 jurisdictions.

  • Complete, up-to-date, and easy to read outlines for essay and MBE subjects
  • Previously released questions and sample answers for essays, the MBE and MPT (where applicable)
  • Over 60 hours of online video or audio lectures covering law and test strategies
  • Strategy workshops where you will learn strategies that have helped improve student performance significantly for the essays, MBE and MPT.
  • Mobile-friendly course materials. Listen to lectures and take practice tests anywhere you can bring your mobile connected device.

Your bar review course can be customized to help you:

  • Write better essays with optional unlimited essay critiques
  • Get one-on-one instruction by adding a tutoring program
  • Study anywhere with on-the-go lectures on an iPod Nano

You Will Be Treated Like a Person, Not a Number

We are committed to your bar review course success.  Although you will be listening to lectures online, you’re not alone when you prepare with AmeriBar’s complete bar review courses.  You get our commitment to:

  • Fast, personal attention from an expert bar exam attorney
  • 55 hours of available live attorney support every week
  • 24/7 email support

Study on Your Schedule with No Commute and No Big Box Lecture Halls

This is your license to practice law and your bar exam.  Choose a bar review course that fits your schedule and works around your needs.  Don’t let big box bar review companies tell you when you can have materials, where you will learn. and that you’ll pay a fortune.

With AmeriBar you can:

  • Start studying early – bar review courses and all materials are available NOW!
  • Customize your schedule – you will get multiple day-by-day study schedules.
  • Learn the law any time – you will get 24/7 unlimited access to online black letter law and exam strategy lectures.
  • Get individualized assistance – you can get optional flexible tutoring with morning, afternoon, evening, and even weekend sessions for an additional charge.
  • Practice anywhere – you will get 24/7 unlimited access to our online MBE question test bank so you can practice MBE questions anywhere you have internet access.