Complete Course with Pass the First Time Money-Back Guarantee

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AmeriBar offers two tiers of guarantees.  Every course comes with a pass-update guarantee.  AmeriBar's Platinum Package and AmeriBar's Complete Course with the Pass the First Time Guarantee [starting at only $1995 in most jurisdictions ($1595 in OR and HI, $1595 in NJ)] come with a pass or your money-back guarantee for eligible first-time bar examinees.  AmeriBar's Pass the First Time Money-Back Guarantee Program includes AmeriBar's Complete Course (see Complete Course information for complete contents), the weekly essay critique package plus two additional critiques, rental of an iPod Nano pre-loaded with AmeriBar's lectures, and a series of skills and testing assignments.  If you put your faith in us the first time you take the bar exam, we will put our faith in you.  We're extremely confident that we have designed a study process that will ensure that you pass the exam. 


In order to qualify for the money-back pass guarantee, you must meet the following requirements:

Enrollment Deadlines

February Exam - December 21

July Exam - May 24


If you do not meet any of these eligibility requirements, you may enroll and be eligible for a Pass-Update Guarantee in the event you do not pass the exam (see our FAQ for details).  However, you will not be eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee.


The Pass the First Time Money-Back Guarantee Program

o   Written MEE and/or State Essay Outline Books

o   MBE Outline and Practice Question Books

o   MBE Databank with 2400+ Released & Practice Questions & Answers

o   MPT Released Questions and Online Question Bank (if MPT applies)

o   60+ Hours of Online Audio Lectures Covering:

1. Substantive Law; and

2. Study Strategies and Essay Writing Techniques

How the Program Works


After enrolling in the course, you will receive a schedule assignment calendar.  You will have several assignments that you must complete and submit to AmeriBar by each scheduled due date.  The assignments include 8 essay question submissions, 2 outlining skills assignments, 1 study calendar/plan assignment, and 2 Mini-MBE 100 question practice exams.  In order to guarantee that you will pass the exam, we require that you commit to accomplishing the following tasks:

In order to complete these tasks and maximize your chance of passing the exam, you must be willing and able to study on a full-time basis (at least eight hours per day/six days per week) for a minimum of six to seven weeks. Therefore, we expect you to commit to studying for a minimum of 300 total hours.  We also require that you submit a completed Money-Back Pass Guarantee Agreement (Agreement) within (10) days of enrolling with AmeriBar.  If you cannot commit to this type of study schedule, or to the requirements set forth in the Agreement, then we cannot provide a money-back guarantee that you will pass the bar exam.  We want you to pass the bar exam, but we cannot pass the bar exam for you.  Ultimately, you are responsible for putting the time and effort into preparing.  If you are unable to make such a commitment and follow through with it, then we do not suggest that you enroll in AmeriBar's Pass the First Time Money Back Guarantee Program.  One of AmeriBar's other Complete Course options may be appropriate.   


What Happens After the Exam


Ten days after taking the bar exam, you must return AmeriBar's iPod.  If you have completed all of the required tasks and dedicated the time and effort required, you should be preparing yourself to be sworn in for admission to the bar.  In the unlikely event that you do not pass the exam, you must submit the following to AmeriBar within ten days of the date on the bar examiners notification letter: