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  • Use our Complete Course or as Supplement to any Commercial Course
  • 20+ Years of Experience Helping Thousands of Retakers
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The Tracks

First-Time Taker 

Develop a solid foundation for bar exam success the first time. Through individual tutoring sessions and live small group workshops, you’ll gain mastery of crucial strategies – effective study techniques, outlining skills, optimal essay writing, and multiple-choice tactics. Learn exactly how to maximize score on the bar exam.

LLM to JD 

Bridge the gap from an international legal background. This track provides specialized instruction for international students. It includes tutoring sessions and live small group workshops. Gain confidence in tackling the nuances of a U.S. bar exam.

Repeat Taker 

Use AmeriBar as your complete course or supplement any other course provider. Break through previous barriers with tutoring sessions and small group workshops. Learn and practice techniques customized to your struggle areas and exam weaknesses. Rework your mindset and pass the bar exam. 

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What Makes AmeriBar, AmeriBar?

The Bar Exam Experts

Based in Tallahassee, Florida, AmeriBar has been helping repeat and at-risk first time takers pass the Bar Exam for over 20 years. We are the bar exam experts that law schools turn to to help students pass the bar exam.

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It's All About the Team

Small-Group Workshops

You will have access to live and archived small-group workshops.

Andre Discusses Florida Multiple Choice

Studying for the bar exam doesn't have to be a lonely experience.

"Take AmeriBar"

"Nobody offers the question bank AmeriBar has. It's perfect."

Best Florida Multiple Choice Question Bank

AmeriBar's Florida Multiple Choice Question Bank will help you improve your bar exam score.

Linda Scored 161 on Florida Part A

Linda is a foreign attorney from China. She never went to law school in Florida or even the United States. She blew away the passing mark on the February 2021 Florida bar exam by scoring a 161 on Part A and 158 overall!

Linda Scored 161 on Florida Day

Fabiola Discusses Florida Question Bank

Fabiola Increased Part A Score to 146

Fabiola tried a big box course on her first attempt and was unhappy with the results. She enrolled in AmeriBar on her second attempt and passed the Florida bar exam with flying colors.

Jim Scored 150 on Florida Part A

Jim took the Florida bar exam almost 40 years after graduating from law school. He did every question in AmeriBar's Florida multiple choice question bank and was handsomely rewarded.

Jim Scored 150 on Florida Day

Yanique Increased Part A to 140

Yanique Increased Part A Score to 144

Yanique struggled with the bar exam for several years. No matter what she did, she came up about 10 points short of passing. After enrolling in AmeriBar, and adopting the recommended study strategies, she scored 144 on the Florida day, and passed the exam.

Doreen Increased Florida Score 30+ Points

Doreen increased her score on Part A of the Florida bar exam by over 30 points. On her first attempt, she scored 118.

Doreen Passed on Fourth Attempt

Bar Exam Community

Work through your Florida bar review course with the support of our dedicated staff and community.

Florida bar exam course live group

Andy scored 147

Andy Scored 147 Because of AmeriBar

Andy took the bar exam several years after graduating from Cumberland School of Law in neighboring Alabama. He attributes his success on the Florida bar exam to AmeriBar.

Florida Bar Review Course Student

Daniel Raised Part A Score from 125 to 142

Play Video about Florida Bar Review Course Student

Florida Part A Bar Exam Course Student

Alex scored 159 on Florida Part A!


Thomas Cooley Law School

Heidi, who failed twice with BarBri, describes how AmeriBar was instrumental in raising her score from 121 to 144.


FSU Law School

“I appreciate everything AmeriBar has done for me. It was probably the best decision I’ve made in the past five to six years of my life… Without AmeriBar it would have been another disappointment.”